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Striving to create a healthier pollution free environment for the rainbow nation of South Africa and whole of our planet
Welcome to the Imvemvane Logistics Website

At IMVEMVANE LOGISTICS, we are committed to achieving a positive imprint on society, providing as our legacy environmentally friendly technologies, enhancing employment, new business ventures, protecting our natural resources, cleaning the planet of its waste problem and thus finally achieve a healthy environment. We also invest much of our energy to advocate the new conscience of working with nature to Africa and the rest of the world - so that our children and their children still can enjoy this beautiful blue planet with all its significant life forms. A butterfly is a sign for nature intact - that is why we chose this for our logo.

Unfortunately, in this day and age, we see less and less of the beautiful butterflies - a sure sign for the threats our environment and thus our planet have to cope with. We will take, at the same time, whatever steps necessary to facilitate better conditions in the most disadvantaged countries, building social safety nets, creating employment opportunities and maintaining infrastructure.

IMVEMVANE are the KDV Plants, ECOWATER and Plocher Water technologies sole representatives for Africa.
With the KDV TECHNOLOGY we take pride and great pleasure to present to you a new German technology which converts carbon waste into synthetic Diesel - not creating any hazardous emissions and not needing external power. Besides the Diesel the KDV also produces distilled water and ash, usable as an organic fertilizer. The KDV makes you money! The Diesel is desulfurized and thus ready to be used by any diesel engine, motor, helicopter, jet plane and generator. Ideal also for producing electricity for the grid. With our ECOWATER SYSTEM irrigation water needs are cut by 70%. Farms, sports stadiums, parks, gardens, polo fields and golf courses etc. The PLOCHER Water Technology offers natural solutions to all environmental water problems.

Presently there are two major directions:
  1. Freeing the planet of all its organic waste and doing something very valuable with it - Synthetic Diesel (Synfuel)

  2. Irrigation Water Savings: a new German method of saving 70 to 80% of irrigation water

  3. Eutrophic lakes and dams, acid water, polluted water (e.g. lakes or swimming pools closed for the public because of pollution) all is solved by natural means.


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