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Water Future Systems (WFS)- The new dimension of irrigation

The Water Future System (WFS) irrigation pipe is possibly the most ecological and effective irrigation solution for gardens, parks, sport facilities and agricultural areas. The WFS pipe is made from recycled tire rubber in a patented process. In contrary to PVC-based products (Garden hose) the WFS pipe does not affect the water and gives no pollutants such as plasticisers to the plants and fruits. The system is modular to expand and saves up to 70% of water, for commercial plantations as well as for small gardens: WFS is easy to install and allows a 30% better plant growth.

About 3% of water available globally is fresh drinkable water. The issue of water saving is thus of paramount importance for the survival of people: around 80% of available water in the Mediterranean is consumed by agricultural or irrigation - gardens and lawns. The WFS - hose supply water to the targeted area - where it is needed: roots of the plants. Through this direct irrigation, no water on the Earth's surface is lost due to evaporation. The WFS system requires no maintenance and repair costs. It can be used anywhere and everywhere, where plant irrigation is possible.

The WFS effectively distributes water and fertilizer - delivering directly to the root of the plant. The plants '"smell" water; therefore, the WFS irrigated plants develop stronger and deeper roots. Resulting in a better soil structure result and improved fruit quality - results in higher earnings.

It consists in porous hydrophilic pipes which are installed in a depth of 15 to 50cm underground, according to the ground qualities. Thanks to the even water rate at low pressure and thanks to the capillarity of the soil, only the ground around the roots is wet.

  • Irrigation directly to the roots of the plants
  • No evaporation - Up to 100% water exploration - Up to 70 % of water saving
  • Even water at low pressure rates (about 0,6 bar)
  • More efficient distribution of fertilizers by direct delivery to the roots
  • Indestructible material- safe against frost and rodents
  • Throughout the irrigation intervals, a continuous wetness of the soil can be assured.
  • Thanks to the subsurface installation of the soaker hose, the lime does not separate from the water through evaporation, so the lime passes through the pores of the Water Future System irrigation pipe. Furthermore all the water and minerals do not evaporate on the surface of the pipe. Calcification of the WFS irrigation is not possible.
  • The well aimed and more efficient use of fertilizers through the WFS irrigation pipe directly to the roots reduces environmental stress.

Easy Installation

Underground installation
Here WFS pipe plays out its full power:
the Earth and works at peak performance

The easy way: just distribute the WFS pipe on the
beds or the field and connect to the water network

For complete WATER FUTURE SYSTEM PDF Brochure, please CLICK HERE

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